Presidential Progress Report: Pass

Regardless of the pace, there will surely be results

‘The time for lamentation is over. This is an era of transformation. This is the time for action’ President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ)

This is a great effort/first step by the GEJ administration to prove they are actually working. The inability of the Executive to communicate appropriately is rectified by this report. I expected a verbose account which was not as robust; however this provides us with a research tool to write better pieces in the future on this blog. It gives us the ammunition to criticise the executive with facts they have provided us. So I would like to thank the government for this invaluable factsheet. As with any process of visibility, the more information you provide, the more questions are asked. For a yardstick of comparison, we would like to see a comparative report written at the end of Jonathan’s tenure.
For any process to improve there must be constructive criticism. The report provides us with information on what they have done and what they should be doing. To make it more valuable, we should be provided with a cost benefit analysis of how these Ministries can work to become more efficient, how much is being spent; the short term and long term goals against a timeline backdrop.

Amamuses Lowlight– Ministry of Aviation had a lacklustre summary of its achievements to date. There were many CAD drawings of future projects, unnecessary inclusion.

Amamuses Highlight – Ministry of Agriculture had an impressive list of projects which will provide a positive potential contribution to Nigeria’s GDP in the long term, especially areas for export growth.

Amamuses Opportunity – This is an opportunity for Nigerians to research the business opportunities these government initiatives clearly outline. As GEJ has said this is our era of action, time to research and build up expertise in relevant sectors to contribute to the future of the nation.

So all I can say is watch this space and wait for Volume 2… what the President lacks in charisma, he makes up for with results… Do you think these 80 pages speak for themselves? They seem like a direct contradiction to the reality of progress in Nigeria, or perhaps as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Happy Reading, it is our duty as citizens to read this report


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